The Photo The GOP Is Trying To Hide

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The one photo the GOP does not want anyone to see was snapped at yesterday's NAACP GOP Presidential Candidate Forum. The NAACP invited all 9 Republican candidates to the forum, but only one showed up: Tom Tancredo. All the Democratic Presidential hopefuls showed up for their forum.

The excuses given by the Republican campaigns mostly had to do with scheduling conflicts--just too busy to make it.

The resulting photo of Tancredo--standing on a stage of empty podiums--sums up the Republican party's commitment to civil rights in America: the only Republican interested is the guy running to deny immigrant workers their rights.



syntax Sat Jul 14, 04:17:00 PM EDT  

It's especially funny that Tancredo would be the only Republican to show up to that NAACP event - back in February he said that the Congressional Black Caucus should be abolished. And lest we forget the support he got from the KKK...

Julie Sun Jul 15, 09:55:00 PM EDT  

That's a terrible indictment on the Republicans.
Our stupid little PM is trying his hardest to incite racist feelings in this country - it's shameful.


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