Operation 2012

Friday, July 27, 2007

Operation 2012

Operation: 2012 is dedicated to the establishment of social justice and bringing about the end of both government and corporate tyranny by utilizing progressive media in order to promote worker solidarity, greater consumer awareness and encourage non-violent civil disobedience or civil initiative. We promote a five-step process dedicated to changing the existing power structure that has invaded the American/global political system.

We call for a collective movement by the nations labor unions to strike in protest to governments domestic policy.

We call for a boycott of non-sustainable corporations and endorse rescinding corporate personhood.

We reject the campaign of falsification, disinformation, and misrepresentations of the corporate media.

We promote greater consumer awareness in the market place and encourage sustainable socially responsible investing.

We encourage civil disobedience/civil initiative.

Operation 2012 recognizes the American and coalition military presence in Iraq as an illegal occupation in violation of international law. We call for an immediate military and corporate withdrawal. We also encourage impeachment hearings against the current administration to become a part of mainstream political discourse.

We are not anti-government, nor anti-democratic, but rather we seek to expose the corporate interests that currently dictate the U.S. foreign and domestic policy. The liberation of America from the grip of corporate influence is contingent upon grassroots organizing and local efforts to stop feeding the corporate machine by withholding our dollars and re-examining our role in its workforce. Rather than dwelling on problems and social ills, we focus on reversing these trends and righting the wrongs.

Operation 2012 is also a source of daily headlines related to our movement.

The term 2012 is derived from the Mayan civilization; the year that human beings will enter a new era of awareness.



Julie Fri Jul 27, 09:36:00 PM EDT  

This has such relevance to the flag story.

gbreez Fri Jul 27, 11:29:00 PM EDT  

I am especially fond of the part about rescinding corporate personhood, something which should never have been granted.


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