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Sunday, July 1, 2007

I miss Meg. I've been thinking of Michelle Goodrich, aka Mandarin Meg, lately. I think of her most every single day. She died in June of last year.

She gave me a real gift when she taught me some web design tricks and tweaks a few years ago. This box I'm typing in, how to color this box or give it a dotted border. When you want your image to be on the left or right (like her picture up there) with text wrapping around it, or make images transparent, or make the large drop cap letter "I" up there. All learned from Mandarin Meg.

Meg was one of those people with a website where everyone that visited that site ends up connecting with all the other visitors. She taught us so much which only began a beautiful friendship that escalated over 4 or 5 years until we suddenly lost her last year.

Her Mandarin Design website is still up. I like that.

Shirl posted about her this week and Frank left a nice post about her.


Rori Sun Jul 01, 04:56:00 AM EDT  

I had absolutely no idea. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Stu Savory Sun Jul 01, 06:05:00 AM EDT  

Thankyou for remembering Meg too, Susan. We all miss her a lot. A good eFriend we were (all) priveleged to know.

Shirl Sun Jul 01, 11:44:00 PM EDT  

Good remembrances, Susan. Thank you!


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