Rising Appalachia

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rising Appalachia

This ain't #@&$%*! bluegrass music..."

Sisters Chloe and Leah each play some odd combination of vocals, the fiddle, banjo, jaw harp, kalimba, and some killer spoons. With their newest band member, Forrest Kelly, on a fine array of hand percussion, their tunes just got kicked up a big handful of knotches. With many a fine guest appearence from such madd musical magicians as the incredible Jan Smith, Larkin Grimm, Maurice Tunner (play that trumpet!), the ferocious Cailen Campbell, Barbara Panter (Hair of the Dog), and Witt Connah (the most bad-ass blues harmonica player around)...and a conglomeration of other fantastic and fine-tuned additives- their sweet sounds are bound to delight, sooth, or mystify.

Rising Appalachia are now living in Asheville and their new cd can be found at CDBaby.

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Julie Sun Jun 17, 07:17:00 PM EDT  

Forrest Kelly - wasn't he in the original Star Trek? ;)

Susan Wed Jun 20, 08:04:00 PM EDT  

silly goose!


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