Rainbow Serpent Festival

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Over The Rainbow by Rak Razam

"I'm here with my friends Matty from Byron and Kaptain Khaos from Paris and a slew of aging dancers that have come out of retirement to celebrate the 10th anniversary Rainbow Serpent Festival, a four day celebration of "soul and technology", according to the organizers. Here in Australia the outdoor party scene has been flourishing for over a decade at bush 'doofs' (named after the bass beat of the electronic music), where 'doofers' revel in Trance music, community and enhanced states of mind. "Since the first gathering in 1998, Rainbow has become a popular annual get-together for thousands of like minded people," says Frank Venuto, one of the festival's founders. Rainbow Serpent is a landmark of the Global Trance music calendar, where semi-retired doofers like myself mix it up with the young turks of the dancefloor and the old hippies that can still shake it."

Nice piece features the 4 day account in Australia with photos.



Julie Sun Jun 03, 09:50:00 PM EDT  

Like wow man, far out.
There are so many festivals here - you could practically spend the year just going from one to the next to the next. Some, like The Big Day Out, are one day events. Others, like Confest, go for a week or two. I used to do the BDO every year but either I got too old or the music got too young - haven't been for the last 2 or 3 now. Been to Confest twice. That's more a holistic festival - music, conservation, art, the whole works. These days I just do the Blues fests at Byron Bay and Queenscliff.


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