Saturday, May 5, 2007

THE ROLLING STONES rocker KEITH RICHARDS is writing an autobiography about his time in the band and his turbulent relationships with drugs and alcohol. The guitarist, 63 - who once claimed to have snorted a combination of cocaine and his father's ashes - will reveal all about his wild life in the frank memoirs. A source says, "Keith is working on the book at the moment with his old friend, bestselling White Mischief author James Fox... It's a dream team."

Like one of those "before" pictures. If you can remember when Keith looked like this, you're older than dirt-- like me. Still it's hard to believe that he was ever this young.


More Stones-Related News

* New Book Release: 'Brian Jones Straight from the Heart' - History of the Rolling Stones Told for the First Time Through the Eyes of the Band's Founder and Leader - Brian Jones - As if the story hasn't been told already... link | via

* Many funeral directors say baby boomers are driving the evolution of funerals with personalization, foregoing Amazing Grace on the organ for The Rolling Stones through a sound system.

"For the celebration, guests were asked to wear white as a symbol of peace. The infamous Rolling Stones tongue logo was printed up for guests to stick on clothing."

Rachel Fuller | Pete Townshend

* Rachel Fuller's hit internet weekly talk show In the Attic takes to the road. Out of the attic and driving through Europe with Rachel, Pete Townshend, The Who, and friends, aboard a 34 foot airstream caravan. The shows come from the road, airing from various locations including backstage segments after The Who concerts.

Watch as Pete Townshend (who really looks good) jams with tomorrows legends. Episodes featuring The Raconteurs, The Flaming Lips, The Kooks, The Fratellis, The Magic Numbers and many more. In The Attic podcasts

"On one of our early webcasts we sent out an invitation to the Arctic Monkeys to appear. They declined. We were confused at first. They broke over the internet. We were using the internet. Weren’t we all doing the same thing?" from Pete's website

Rachel is also setting up an online Rock Chick Cafe joined by Jerry Hall, Suzanne Wyman, and others.



Julie Sat May 05, 11:50:00 PM EDT  

If it's even only half the story it should be worth reading.

alphawoman Wed May 16, 06:14:00 PM EDT  

Then I'm old as dirt too. I can hear the cords of "you can't always get what you want" maybe, "dead flowers"....personaly, I would consider "bang a gong, get it on" T-Rex, baby. Now that's a send off!


The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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