Sunday, May 14, 2006

Puppetry Of The Genius

Of the Cinnamon Roll Gang, he claims, "It’s not high art; it’s nonsensical goofy-assed shit."

Marcel deJure, filmmaker, puppet master, and designer, was pleased when they resumed performing after a year-long hiatus. "It’s fun to be offensive and loud and vulgar and not make sense sometimes. I like freaking people out and making them laugh."

He also makes unique and functional handbags that would be fun to carry, although I can see my kids rolling their eyes this very moment.

[via LA Alternative]


Anonymous Wed May 17, 01:52:00 PM EDT  

Saw those a few days ago, Susan, and have to agree with you - they're a fun bag. I never carry a bag, purse, or wallet, but i'm considering making an exception, if for no other reason than to hang it on the wall.

Sudeaux Lux Wed May 17, 06:57:00 PM EDT  

Don't you love the cigar hanging out? Might be fun to try and make if one were feeling uber crafty.

...nah, me either.


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