Friday, May 26, 2006

Babblin' Friday

Greetings, everyone! Got any big plans this weekend? I just returned to the Casa de Doublewide.

Driving back this morning through 3 states in the pouring rain (after attending the annual Assless Chaps Marshmallow Drop) was nerve wracking so I stopped and bought a scented candle in a glass jar that fit perfectly in my drink holder, after removing the fits and burnt spoons. (Mother always leaves a mess.)

But it honestly had a calming effect. The candle. And I'm definitely going to keep a candle in the car from now on to help me relax on the road. It's not like you can actually meditate while driving.



Anonymous Fri May 26, 10:20:00 AM EDT  

Me and the hubster are leaving Sunday for a week in Anchorage with my Dad and sister. :) I've been looking for to this for two months.

*dances with glee*

Sudeaux Lux Fri May 26, 10:33:00 PM EDT  

Sounds like a wonderful adventure, lk.

Gordon Smith Fri May 26, 10:48:00 PM EDT  


More information on the Assless Chaps Marshmallow Drop please.

I'm thinking of stealing the name for BlogAsheville's Blogiversary Party.

Sudeaux Lux Fri May 26, 11:44:00 PM EDT  

Oh, hell. You're gonna make me 'splain it aren't ya? It's like bobbing for apples but you use marshmallows instead of apples and your ass cheeks instead of your mouth. Pick them up and drop them into a bucket/bowl.

Seriously, I'm just joking, although it doesn't always translate well in print. That's how my twisted mind works when I type without editing after getting up at 3:00 am and driving in the pouring rain from GA to TN that morning.

You're certainly welcome to use it for the BlogAsheville party. The phrase AND the game!

Anonymous Sat May 27, 12:48:00 AM EDT  

There's a stretch of highway between San Antonio and Laredo over which I would meditate while driving. Everytime I drove it, my understanding of life changed. However, it was not emptiness meditation; it was focusing the mind meditation, and I had to be alone in the car. Then I could enjoy a 90 minute desert meditation on forgiveness or on reincarnation or just on the now.

Sudeaux Lux Sat May 27, 01:25:00 AM EDT  

Chris-- Thanks for your input. How fortunate that you found a fascinating way to enlightenment while driving. I'd really like to hear more about it.

Anonymous Sat May 27, 08:52:00 AM EDT  

What an awesome idea!

Sudeaux Lux Sat May 27, 02:09:00 PM EDT  

Hey, Rori -- What were you referring to? The scented candle in the car cup holder or the marshmallow drop? Or both? heh heh

Tuesday Tue Jun 06, 10:59:00 AM EDT  

Not that I'm a stickler for Health and Safety or anything but the possibility that you might have to brake hard and inadvertently set the car on fire is a remote possibility.

This is a self-serving comment as I love this site and would hate to see it go up in smoke.

Sudeaux Lux Tue Jun 06, 01:31:00 PM EDT  

An open flame inside of a car doesn't sound very smart, does it? ha!

Thanks for your kind words, Tuesday!


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