Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is Iraq still a roaring boil on society?

"Well, duh."

Despite being called to resign, are you confident the prez wants you to stay on?

"He has expressed that to me."

Is it really easy being a dick?

"Yes. I dont know how many times I have to answer this. It should be obvious."

You really do make it look easy. Does that worry you?

"Does this look like a worried face?"

"No, it doesn't."

"Do I have to be such an arrogant asshole?"

"Well, yes. Yes, I do."

Why does Donald Rumsfeld always ask and answer his own questions?


Sudeaux Lux Thu Mar 23, 03:00:00 PM EST  

back to the blogger comments!

pix Thu Mar 23, 07:21:00 PM EST  

girl, i *so* relate to your bloggings! maybe we are some sort of soul sistas. blog on! ms pix

Anonymous Fri Mar 24, 11:51:00 AM EST  

Wee... comments are back!

Sudeaux Lux Fri Mar 24, 12:21:00 PM EST  

Hey, what's shaking, Lab Kat?

Mitch Fri Mar 24, 03:07:00 PM EST  

If rummy weren't so evil he would be entertaining.

Sudeaux Lux Sat Mar 25, 01:32:00 PM EST  

Nice avatar, Mitch! I agree. Rummy can be pretty amusing.

Sudeaux Lux Sat Mar 25, 01:34:00 PM EST  

Pix, maybe we were sistahs in another life. Don't you love that about the web? The ability to find other people of like minds. Loving your avatar.

Newscoma Fri Mar 31, 07:39:00 PM EST  

First time visitor, lovely blog and so true.
Rummy is evil.


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