Friday, April 22, 2005

Power Plant Pollution Affecting The Smokies
Protesters are all ready and assembled for President Bush's arrival today to the Great Smoky Mountains. There are still many beautiful places in the mountain range, but they're disappearing fast from pollution. I haven't been there in a long time, but I was appalled at the damage I saw several years ago.

High on the top of one particular mountain, (On top of ol' Smokey....) it looked like there had been a huge fire for as far as I could see. Where once large evergreen trees blanketed the mountainside, scorched stumps now stood defiantly. No green at all. Pollution, acid rain, power plants all did battle on the mountain. This spot had once brought busloads of tourists and school children to picnic, take photos, smell the flowers, wade in the creek. It looked like a battlefield now.

Ozone interferes with photosynthesis, damages leaves and evergreen needles. In Great Smoky Mountain National Park, at least 90 plant species have been damaged by ozone. I believe it because I've seen the devastation.

12:50 PM - Bush just touched down at the Knoxville, TN, airport, by the Smokies National Park. He's going on a tour of these Smokies today. He just reminded everyone today is Earth Day, how great his Clear Skies plan is for us all, and that-- good news -- the ozone levels have dropped here since the year 2000.

Talking loud and ain't saying a damn thing.



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