Wednesday, March 16, 2005

N'Light'N Launch Party 3/26/05 Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

The audio experience, the choreography, the magnificent art. What an incredible event. Sure wish I could follow through on this invitation.... but do have some wonderful sites for you to peruse today. Reality Engine and ArcheDream. (URLS below.)
via: Blue Spectral Monkey @ touchsamadi from Asheville & NYC

Date & Time: 2005-03-26 10:00 PM
Location: N'Light'N Launch Party 3/26/05 Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, NYC

Reality Engine presents

N'Light'N Launch Party

Saturday - 03/26/05 - White Galactic Wind

Reality Engine in collaboration with CoSM invite you to a special private event, welcoming the spring and Easter with the N'Light'N opening at the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors. Being already established as a meeting point for the visionary community, now it will also become a reference on the East Coast for upbeat down tempo and neo media gatherings.

This event is meant to uplift the awareness of collective consciousness through the multi-mediation of ego loss and ecstatic ritual process. Bringing together in celebration diverse communities committed to experience sacred sounds and images as pathways toward a return to a natural state of happiness.

With a performance by ArcheDream, an archetypal mask theatre company which uses ritual, movement and myth to present allegorical dramas. The inspiration for ArcheDream is derived from ancient rituals where the Devine mingled with Humankind. Their theatre uses various forms of dance, innovative music, multimedia projections, archetypal masks and costumes that are illuminated with ultra-violet light, accentuating the supernatural aspects to reveal the dreamscape as the action unfolds. ArcheDream is founded on the quality of the individual artist participating in a collaborative effort. This remains their ongoing quest as they merge creative forces with the Reality Engine crew and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to " N'Light'N " through an original performance of ArcheDream, the Episode titled "5th Element." For more information please visit:

Special Performance by ArcheDream: "The 5th Element"

Upbeat Downtempo grooves by:

Blue Spectral Monkey (TouchSamadhi-Asheville-NC)

Alien Blue (CoSM - NY)

Matyas (Reality Engine)

Pedro (Reality Engine) +

Dan Covan

For more info log at
Online tickes

Reality Engine Team.

May any merits created by or through this gathering be offered to the freedom of all beings. (Posted by: blue spectral)



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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