Wednesday, November 24, 2004

November 26 is Buy Nothing Day
The good little sheeple will be trudging off this Friday to purchase all the products they're told they just can't do without. No big sacrifice for us broke-ass folks who avoid programmed shopping like the draft anyway. Let me offer you some food for thought and take it one step further so we can be more conscientious of how we spend our money.

My name is Susan and I am a recovering Predictable Spender. I used to march off to the sales like a good lemming. I shopped the big stores, used the big plastic, as expected of me. A real mind-numbing experience. After I stepped back and realized how predictable I was and what it all meant, I formed my own 12 8 Step treatment program for Predictable Spenders. I know it's not easy to jump from strung-out hard core shopaholic to completely avoiding all the big convenient sales. I'd just like you to hear me out and consider this way of spending.
1. Thou shalt shop the Mom and Pop stores. This keeps money in your community and you meet nice, hardworking local people.

2. Try to avoid the large chain stores. If you knew where your money went that you gave to some of them, you'd avoided them long ago. And doesn't it make more sense to spread it around to someone more needy?

3. Visit your town's Main Street. You'll be pleasantly surprised at their competitive prices. I buy most of my jewelry, clothes, music instruments/supplies, fabric on our Main Street.

4. Think flea markets, tag sales, bartering, free-cycling. And re-gifting!

5. If customary to buy gifts for the holidays, try to draw names instead of buying for everyone and set spending limits.

6. Better yet, re-assess the whole gift giving thing and give charitable donations as gifts when you can.

7. Even better, make your gifts. We do this often. I designed wooden shelves and tables, and painted/stained them and my husband cut them out and sanded them. I've given needlepoint and baked goods, and quilted or sewn items as gifts. (thanks for reminding me, KarenM)

8. Try not to be such a predictable shopper, automatically marching off to sales like a Stepford Wife. Be cognizant of why you shop and try to be more creative with who you give your hard earned cash to.
Buy Nothing Day



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