Saturday, March 6, 2004

{local news}
* TC Roberson High School closer to drug testing for students. If approved, Roberson would join a small number of North Carolina school districts that test some students for drug use. When the program began in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, 5 percent of the district's randomly drug-tested students failed. Last year, that decreased to 4 percent. President Bush has proposed giving an additional $23 million to schools for drug testing next year although recent studies have proved it's not working. I think this is the responsibility of the parents, not the school system. Another brilliant project suckling at the governmnet teat.

* Anti-Gay Marriage Rally in Asheville today. (Saturday) - Of course, local and regional legislators are hopping on this rally hoping to feed on the growing paranoia. Over 50 churches will be represented. Local groups supportive of gays and lesbians said they had not heard of any organized effort to hold counterdemonstrations. Come on, Asheville. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a group of demonstraters in Asheville and no one's going out to protest?

{blogger news}
* Are they really wearing see-through skirts in Japan? With this unique and fun fashion trend, it's hard to tell.
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**Edited to add (12:44 pm) : I just discovered that the above pictures were a hoax, but they're still a fun idea.

* Annmarie visited the David Letterman set in NYC last week and has nice pics. Her good friend is Sound Engineer at the show.

saturday morning me//
hot, green tea/brie & crackers/
evil cigarettes by the score/
green & navy batik dress/socks/
sneaking up on the mirror/
hair combed with egg beaters & glue?/
anticipating: an uneventful day/
forecast: rain & slovenly behaviour/
so how about you?/

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