Saturday, February 21, 2004

{Replay} - Here's tired ol' Ralph Nader again. Ready to announce or not on Meet The Press this Sunday. The stage that's guaranteed to give you the largest amount of hoopla with the smallest amount of effort. Of course he's going to run. Getting 2.7% of the vote last time out isn't enough to discourage him. All the wingnuts will throw their money after him as his Hummer ego takes us all on a ride in his Corvair. Bitter, party of one? In 2002, yes. Not now. We're onto him now and it' won't be that close of a race. Oh, close, for sure. But not, 'Jeb-Bush'll-fix-it-for-me' close. Repentant Nader Voter site is urging former Nader's supporters to cut him loose.

{Battle Of The Johns} - As corny as it sounds, I feel duty-bound to kick Bush's ass out of his residence. John Kerry's too aloof and too much of an beltway insider. John Edwards is an inexperienced hick who used to be a mal-practice attorney. In a perfect world, we'd have the perfect candidates to choose from. Maybe it's one of the other Democrats who are/were running. But it's not and we don't and it isn't. This November, I have a choice between Kerry and Bush. Or Edwards and Bush. Anybody But Bush 2004 as the bumper stickers go.

» {my blog pick of the week} - You Live Your Life
Some of the best poetry I've ever read and consistently good content. Pop in and check him out if you have the chance.

» Topple Bush
» Anybody But Bush
» Shop To Drop Bush

» Anything else to banish from the lingo pool? What about the tired old: "I'm ready to take it to the next level."

saturday morning me//
marlboro #2/coffee #2/carrot juice-fresh/bagel/
black yoga pants/grey hoodie/blue house shoes/
music: susan tedeschi - in the garden/
daughter still cutting zzz's/dog pacing/
husband still bitching about ralph nader/
there's clear, blue sky on the horizon/
so how's about you?/

Something wicked this way, please.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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