Friday, November 14, 2003

Lynching Private Jessica, The Sequel

She could have sat back, accepted all accolades, and watched the money roll in. Her heroic action was to reject the GI Jane media blitz, gather us 'round the television sets and expose the truth.

How strange it must have felt for PFC Jessica Lynch recovering in a foreign hospital as a parade is planned to honor her as a hero. Community donations rebuilt her family home and enormous sums of money are offered in return for exclusive interviews. All because the media had been informed we had a genuine hero in the Iraq war.

The US guv'mint thought they had a hillbilly they'd mold in their best "Bring it On" PR image the US would rally behind. And rally they did. Behind the story of her "emptying her gun" and "fighting to the end". They didn't count on this supporting player in their well-orchestrated ongoing war movie having any integrity. With George W Bush -Screenwriter; Don Rumsfeld - Director; and Hallib Dick Cheney - Producer, the initial pitch started unravelling, as the American Hero was finally able to tell us all what really happened behind the scenes.

Her truth may not be selling books, and the once lucrative offers are now dwindling, but the integrity it took for her to 'do the right thing' is very honorable indeed.

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