Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I'm trying to quit smoking. Not cold turkey, but s-l-o-w-l-y cutting back smoking until they're gone. I used to smoke around 30 cigarettes a day; and now it's more like between 5 - 8 cigarettes a day. It's disgusting and I've been doing it for, well, decades. So any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Tish has these good tips for me. . .

1) Each day, give up your favorite cigarette of the day. If it happens to be the first one, or the one after dinner, give it up.
2) Smoke with your non-dominant hand.
3) Put your cigs in a baggie, or a jar, or different container. The idea is to take some of the habits or familiarity away from smoking.
4) Cut back say, 5 cigarettes a week until you quit.

My husband suggests buying the shittiest cigarettes possible and smoking them. Uh... no, thanks. But it works for him as he's also trying to quit. But he's using those prescription inhalers with the shittiest cigarettes possible.

I hope I make it this time. Nov 20 is the Smokeout Day, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, so that's my short term goal to have quit by then.



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