Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Dept Of Debauchery: Ex TYCO CEO Threw $2.1 Million Birthday Party For His Wife

A memo detailing plans for a $2.1 million 40th birthday party Mr. Kozlowski staged for his wife, Karen, calls for an extravagant, Roman Empire-theme event on the Italian island of Sardinia.

A Tyco pre-party memo described the event: "The guests come into the pool area, the band is playing, they are dressed in elegant chic. Big ice sculpture of David, lots of shellfish and caviar at his feet. A waiter is pouring Stoli vodka into [the statue's] back so it comes out his penis into a crystal glass. Waiters are passing cocktails in chalices. They are dressed in linen togas with fig wreath on head. A full bar with fabulous linens." Tyco shareholders picked up half the $2.1 million birthday bash tab. Talk about your wretched excess. The problem is that he billed the company for 1/2 of the expenses. Did we get to see him do the "CEO Shuffle" [as I call it or 'perp-walk' as it's also known]?



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