Sunday, September 22, 2002

Birthday Blues? Not Me

My husband and I were talking about birthdays and which ones, if any, bothered us. He said his last birthday that ended in "0" really bothered him. I suspected as much, but he never said anything and neither did I. When I turned 29, I thought it was the end of the world. I guess because 29 was so close to 30, and the old "don't trust anyone over "30" thing was ingrained in my psyche. I mean, 29 really got to me. I'd rather not go into details, but looking back now it seems strange to think I was so distraught about aging. Back then, I thought getting older meant I'd have to look like my mother, or that I'd automatically conform to the party line or something. Now, after seeing so many wonderful, smart women age gracefully before me, it's more of an honor to grow older.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


It wasn't long after 9/11, September 11, 2001, that I began this website. I felt compelled to connect with other people around the globe. I had recently heard about "weblogs" or "blogs" and I dove right into I searched for others to connect with online and I found Ageless. It led to meeting many great friends to discuss events of the day. From then on it snowballed. Most importantly we offered one another support and friendship across the globe; finding that we were just a few keystrokes away.


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