Friday, August 23, 2002

Shock Jocks Fired After St. Pat's Sex Stunt

Does anyone else find this stunt as disgusting as I do? Opie and Anthony, the radio jocks responsible for this outrageous behaviour, have been fired. And there's talk of the station losing it's license. The cancellation came one day after the Virginia couple suspected of the sex stunt appeared in a Manhattan courtroom on charges of public lewdness. Brian Florence, 37, of Quantico, Va., and Loretta Lynn Harper, 35, of Alexandria, Va., were due back in court Oct. 2. The couple's lawyer has said they were just simulating sex inside the landmark Manhattan cathedral. The shock jocks were also canned in 1998 by a Massachusetts station after announcing on April Fool's Day that Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino was killed in a car crash.

Haven't these shock jocks around the country taken some things a little too far? When Howard Stern soared in popularity, everyone started imitating him and radio entertainment became shock for shock's sake. When you stop to think, "What outrageous thing can I do today for ratings?" Then you've gone way too far and totally lack originality. Only a handful of DJ's can pull it off. Not your local yuppified, Beatle haircutted, loafer-wearing, softball team-playing, whining DJ.----leave it to the pros.



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