Sunday, July 21, 2002

Purr-fect TV: Company developing show for cats

Esther Friesner fluffed the pink boa draped across her neck, adjusted her Cat Woman ears, thanked her cats for their support and summoned forth her best inner feline. [via: CNN]

Friesner, a science fiction writer from Connecticut, was one of dozens of adults and kids Wednesday trying out for a spot on "Meow TV," a new show being shopped around for the fall season for cats. No, not for cat lovers. For cats.

Well, hell, I've seen it all now. I love my cat, but I would never have imagined a tv show made just for cats to watch. I wonder if my cat, Jinx, will watch? He doesn't even stay IN the house long enough to check out the television. He comes in to eat, then just as soon as he's eaten, he meows to go back outside and he's in the wind. "No time to chat, gotta go-o-o-o-o."



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