Sunday, May 19, 2002

Helen Thomas KO's Ari

The superb Helen Thomas is already an esteemed member of the Media in Exile roster, but her work at the Friday, May 17th press briefing by Ari Fleischer was especially noteworthy. Ari was dripping with patronizing slime as he attempted to put Thomas "in her place" with several pointed remarks. Each time, Thomas shot right back at him, besting him spectacularly. Ari was displaying an insulting, smiling, head-patting attitude as he dismissed Helen's excellent questions about Cheney pressuring Daschle to not investigate 9-11. Helen really had him on the ropes. Ari practically sneered as he made remarks to the effect that "everyone knows what you think" or "we all know you have an opinion on these matters."

Thomas fired back that we all know his opinion, too.

Ari replied that he is entitled to an opinion. Thomas went for the kill and said, "So am I." It was a tense exchange and did not deter Helen from her mission. Later, as Ari began another non-answer to another journalist, you could hear Helen interject, "Do you know what he thinks, too?" -- a remark left off the official transcripts of the briefing.

I really admire Helen Thomas and have watched her for decades now. It's refreshing to see someone put that smug little troll, Ari Fleischer, in his place.



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